Camino Real Playhouse Headshots 2019

This last weekend, me and my team successfully created headshots for 22 clients ranging from teenagers to retirees. Some beginning their acting careers and others writing books or managing a busy box office. No matter the reason for needing a headshot it's important to have an image to represent you on a playbill, social media, or book cover. A good image helps your audience to connect with you in your absence. In a manner of speaking, the purpose of a headshot is to represent you not sell the photographer's photography skills.

For this event, planning is essential when doing an all day event with any degree of success. From the photographic lighting, to the makeup to the event process and flow. It's not really about the equipment but more about having great people, outstanding people, in all areas of your team that makes you successful and produces great photographic work.

In this post, there are a number of behind the scenes (BTS) shots of this event, the Camino Real Playhouse Headshots 2019 Event.

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