A Love for The Craft

Capturing Magic


Since my early teens I have have been passionate about photography. In those early days, I photographed largely landscapes but rarely people except at family gatherings. Now, my photographic pursuits have shifted from landscapes to people.
I now work with actors, actresses, models and everyday people like yourself capturing their best headshot or portrait images.



An Artistic Eye for detail

Capturing your best representative for a casting or modeling portfolio is what I’m all about.

I work with many actors, actresses and models to assist them in being seen and getting found in their industry with headshots that represent them.

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Capturing timeless moments

Your most cherished moments

I work with persons of all ages to achieve lasting portraiture that captures the moment. Whether in-studio, on-location, under natural lighting or even with artificial lighting, I show my clients in the best light possible and achieve superior results. Visit one of our galleries to learn more about our services.


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An actress posing for a portraitA client posing for a natural light portrait

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