Clothing, Makeup, and Hair

I get asked many questions about headshots from clients such as::

What should I wear?


What makeup should I use?


First, let’s answer the clothing question. You will want to wear clothing that complements you, is not the focus of the eye and stands off from the photographic background. For headshots, I generally recommend clothing be comfortable without wild crazy colors or patterns. The clothing chosen should not cause the eye to focus on it. The goal is to focus the eye on your face and engage the viewer to generate some level of interest in you. Next, the photographic background should not blend with your clothing. For example, if you’ve chosen a gray background, choose a shirt or blouse color that contrasts with the background.

Lastly, for the ladies, I recommend natural makeup that promotes your complexion. For the gentlemen, I recommend “No Shine” or blotter paper to reduce or eliminate facial oils.

Studio Photographic Backgrounds

I have a variety of photographic backgrounds from which to choose. During your session discussion, one or more backgrounds would have been discussed.


Color options are:

  • black

  • white

  • white painted brick

  • weathered brick

  • muted blue

  • brilliant blue

  • planks

  • old master blue

  • yellow

  • turquoise

  • and more..

Night Before and Day of Your Session

The night before your session, please limit your alcohol intake, drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest.  It’s important that your portraits reflect you at your best and ultimately represent you whether a business owner, actor, actress, or model.

On the day of your session, arrive early to the location. It’s important that you are not rushed and show a relaxed body posture and facial expressions.

Hopefully, the information provided here will guide you through your headshot experience which will help you to enjoy your session. If you have additional questions, please contact me.

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