Over the course of doing headshots, I’ve been asked a number of questions pertaining specifically to them that I’d like to answer.

First, your headshot is used to get you a casting or hired.  It’s just that simple.  Think twice before using a selfie or trade for print (TFP) photographer do your headshot.  A poorly executed headshot can keep you from getting a casting or a job.  A headshot is about getting you business.  Remember your headshot is a reflection of you in place of you.  Generally headshots should be done every 2 years or after a significant change to your appearance has occurred.  Children should have headshots updated annually.


Getting a good headshot is not about how great the photographer is. It is about how you are captured and how you are portrayed. It is about YOU! Headshots are meant to represent the real person you are. Authenticity is key to capturing a headshot. There should also not be anything in the image that distracts from seeing the real person, not the jewelry, not the striped shirt or wild patterns and not even the background. Some headshots are head only or 1/2 height and then others are head and shoulders.

HeadshotA client headshot

All are headshots BUT it depends on how you are going to use the image.


For example, using the images to the right, the tight headshot would be best suited for an acting portfolio, while the 1/2 height might be better suited for a LinkedIn profile.


So, how do you get a great headshot?  Look at your market.  If you’re an actor then look at your acting roles.  If you’re a professional consider reviewing others’ headshots in your field.  What is your audience? What adds value to your image?  If you’re an actor or actress, seek your agent or manager’s input.  Once you have an idea of what you need, consider a consultation call with your photographer, who will assess your needs, answer any questions you may have, then schedule a session.

The night prior to your headshot, be sure to get plenty of rest.  I’ve included some recommendations already on headshot preparation.  During your shoot, I will show you some images, give you feedback, give you guidance and continue working with you until we’ve achieved your goal for your first look.  This process will be repeated until all of your looks are done.

After your headshot session, I will upload the images to an electronic gallery.  From there you will review and grade the images in the gallery and then notify me of your selections. Your selections will then be retouched and delivered in the same electronic gallery with a new email notification.

A couple of thoughts on retouching.  The retouched image must look like you!  It must be accurate as to how you really look in person without misrepresenting you.  Of course, if you’d like additional retouching or further images retouched the starting fee is shown on the pricing page.


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