A client posing for a portrait

3 Great Reasons for a new family portrait

Family portrait time again! Sigh. We’ve all dreaded it at some point in our lives. There are however other ways to approach to what seems a chore. Outlined below are 3 great reasons to get you out of the dread and into the just do it mode.


Reason 1: Reconnect as a Family

The first reason is that as a family you get to pause and to reconnect with each other. You also get to communicate and cooperate as a family. With that, you get to revisit what makes your family unique. A stolen moment here and there. An opportunity to laugh and to simply enjoy one another. Lastly, the opportunity to put away daily life and to reconnect as one in front of the camera to capture that moment of unity.


Reason 2: Share with Extended Family and Friends

The second reason is to show who you are as a family to extended family and friends. To reconnect with those you may not see daily, to perhaps brag a little about the year’s accomplishments and to update everyone on family events.


Reason 3: Memories

The last reason is for memories for future decades to come. You can look back and say, “I remember that day!” Or, “Do you remember that restaurant we ate at before the session?” In fact, this reason is related to reasons 1 and 2 – connection. A family portrait is also a gift to future generations to see what grandma or grandpa looked like back in the day.


Schedule your family portrait shoot and capture those memories today!


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