Roger in a photosesion

Choosing The ‘Right’

Photographer For You!

Practically everyone at some time in their life seeks a photographer for a head shot. With an always on social media presence now, the demand to be seen is even more. However, being in front of the camera can be intimidating or even agonizing for some. This is why it takes a professional to navigate your session so that your images show a comfortable, confident you.

This is all new to me, so how do I find a photographer that can help?

First, ask your friends and family for referrals but first, know generally what you want. Many times if a photographer may not specialize in headshots, he or she may be a family photographer who can refer you to someone who does professional headshots. ‘Cold calling’ anyone especially an area you’re unfamiliar with is difficult for many people so below is an outline of a process to assist you in your quest.

Secondly, take your referrals and get on the photographers’ websites looking at his or her portfolios. If you like the work then add that photographer to the list of ones to request a consult. You can also consult persons in that particular area of industry to help guide the selection process.

Thirdly, with some referrals in hand, meet each selected photographer in a consultation before scheduling a session. This consultation should identify the scope and breadth of the project, should be a great conversation flowing easily and there should be no pressure. You should feel comfortable communicating with the photographer and confident that you will get the images you require. Remember that this is a team effort! Is this someone you can team up with? Also during the consultation, identify any areas where you know that you will need help. A good photographer will easily be able to tell your ‘good side.’ Be upfront about whether you will need a hair stylist or makeup artist present during your session. If you don’t think you make a great team, move on. There will always be a photographer to deliver what you need.

At Roger Hamilton Photography, we love capturing your best image and working with people just like you. Roger Hamilton has been a photographer for 30 years. He takes his time with clients to capture their best, listens to understand your needs, and treats every photography session as a collaborative effort and partnership with you.


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