Straightened vs tilted images

Like other photographers, I look at images daily. I often see great ones and not so great ones and in both cases ask myself ‘What do I like or dislike about this image?’ and many times, ‘What would I change?’ Even other times, I will engage other photographers in the critique and thereby learn something new or experience a different perspective. Today’s topic is on straight versus tilted images when it’s not used as an artistic element. This is something I’m seeing frequently and even from some professionals.

Straightened Image

straightened image


To be clear, I’m not talking about artistically applied tilting of an image. I’m talking about just holding the camera at a slight angle and then not correcting in LR or PS.

Tilted Image

tilted image


Doesn’t the tilted image make you ill at ease? or maybe think you have ‘sealegs’? In this landscape case it’s rather subtle but in especially in portraiture, the effect is dramatic. It also can be a poor reflection on the creator. Which do you prefer?

tilted image

It’s just too easy NOT to do this but not sure why others aren’t correcting the images in post. When you’re looking for the right photographer for you, this is something to consider. See my prior post on finding the ‘right’ photographer for you.

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